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Meet Bri

Hello, my friend. I'm Bri, a down-to-earth Arizona native who tells things as they are —often with a giggle and a  swear word to boot.

Doing hair is my passion. I fell in love with hair appointments in my younger years. Back then, getting my hair done meant I could chat with the salon girls, have a little counseling session, and leave looking like a better version of myself. Flash forward to twenty-something years later, I'm here to do the same thing for you!

I'm brutally honest when it comes to hair, and I won't mind telling you no. 
"No, I will not cut bangs right after a big breakup." 
"No, I will not fry your hair when you ask me to lighten your dark hair to an icy-platinum blonde — in one appointment." 

Let's be real. I don't have to say no as much as you'd think. When it comes to suggesting the perfect bob for your thick hair or asking for some gorgeous natural-looking highlights to blend away those pesky gray hairs, I'm a YES girl. I love working with what you've got and keeping your hair healthy! 

When it's time for the finishing touches, I'll teach you how to style your hair with all the tips and tricks. Because what good is a fabulous cut and color if you can't style it yourself at home?

When I'm not doing hair, I'm out living life to its fullest with my husband, adult kids, and my sassy dog. I must have been a mermaid in my past life because I crave days near the water, feeling the wind blow through my hair, hearing the waves, with my toes in the sand. It’s where I feel most at home, and it inspires my best ideas.

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